Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there is a Gallery app in the Norm Glasses, from where you can see all the pictures and play videos.

Please provide prescription information and other requirements such as frame color, size, etc on our Customer Service Portal website.

1. For single vision prescriptions, we can ship the glasses with prescription lenses pre-installed (with extra charge, amount varies depends on lenses selected).

2. For multi-vision prescriptions such as bifocals, trifocals, etc., we won’t provide the prescription lenses. Instead, we recommend that you bring Norm Glasses to a local optometrist to fulfill the prescription and install lenses.

Yes, you can choose UV protection lenses or lenses that can block blue light.

The nose pads will be adjustable; the included anti-skid sleeves behind the ears are adjustable.

There is a contact-based connector with 4 pins, secured by a magnet, located behind the ear on the right temple. The other end of the charging cable is standard USB. If connected to a computer using the charging cable, data in Norm Glasses can be accessed from the computer as if it was in USB drive.

It will last one to two days in normal usage (system go sleep when not in use), or 4 to 5 hours if the display is on continuously.

There isn't a developer edition. However, the consumer edition can communicate with a computer using USB, you can use and to test and install your own apps.

Yes, SDK and documentation will be available for external parties to create apps.

The files are stored in the Glasses, you can take pictures or record videos without a phone. Media files in the Norm Glasses can be accessed from the phone companion app, or from a computer(through charging cable).

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